Thursday, July 31, 2014

100+ Definitions 65

Invincible #65

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  The last tendrils of Invincible’s battle with Conquest wind themselves up in this issue that centers around the funeral for superhero friend Rex Splode.

Invincible #65 (I#65): My solemn pages begin en media recovery as Mark Grayson awakes in a hospital bed.  He fist sees his dear love Samantha Wilkins (the secret civilian identity of the pink superhero Atom Eve) who explains how her powers healed the grave wounds she received from Conquest.  Mark’s mother enters the room of healing and interrupts the impromptu make-out between the love smitten teens.

L-FL: Cecil enters and displays a fake corpse of Conquest to Mark (the real Conquest is held in a fortified prison where Cecil plans to question him about Viltrumite tactics when the invader awakens).  Mark, Samantha, and a host of other heroes attend the funeral of Rex Splode and say kind words about their absent colleague.

I#65:  With foreshadowing hints at future stories, my issue gives a page showing Angstrom Levy agreeing to help the inhabitants of the dimension that healed him, a buildup of Sequid forces (the invaders from Mars) form amidst a city’s rubble, Cecil rushes completion of a Reanimen army constructed from the dead Invincibles from alternate realities, and Mark Grayson tells his brother Oliver that he’s prepared to kill supervillains.

L-FL: A superhero is one that can be deceived by dishonest nefarious individuals who do the wrong things with the best of intentions.

I#65: If any such foes attempt to deceive me in such a manner, I won’t hesitate to kill them!

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