Thursday, July 10, 2014

100+ Definitions 42

Invincible #42

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): The el ef el has returned with a gentler issue of Invincible to talk about the events that transpire in Invincible #42.

Invincible #42 (I#42):  Thank you for the invitation, especially after the horrible things that happened to you during the tales of the Martian invasion.  Who would have thought that much blood…

L-FL: Ah, yes, getting back to the events of issue #42, Invincible gives a press conference that suggests a definition of superhero as: an individual acting from the sole motivation of doing what is right and not from any sense of obligation, guilt, money, or coercion.

Please, would you describe the events in the issue that lead to this definition?

I#42:  Gladly.   The issue begins with Invincible sitting on the moon as a guard while the astronauts build a special moon-base to monitor deep space so Earth can be alerted regarding future invasions.  Invincible briefly returns to Earth to help the Guardians of the Globe defeat a monster, Giant, who wants to be president, and then he returns back to space to ferry the capsule from the Moon to Earth.  After giving a press conference, Mark laments his loss of Amber, battles the Octoboss, and stops to visit his mom and step-brother, who has developed the ability of flight. 


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