Tuesday, July 22, 2014

100+ Definitions 53

Invincible #53

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  For the pleasure of Owen Craig of the Panel Culture podcast, Invincible 53 opens with a date between Mark Grayson (Invincible) and Samantha Eve Wilkins (Atom Eve).  The couple roasts marshmallows after a picnic meal atop a snowy mountain.

Invincible #53 (I#53): The date ends though because Mark is plagued by his brother’s ease with killing humans and wants to again talk with Oliver about life’s sanctity.  The talk goes poorly (again) and ends with Mark yelling at both Oliver and his mother.

L-FL:  The erosion of the day’s good fate continues for Mark Grayson.  While he patrols the city as Invincible, he initiates a fight with the crime lord Titan who approaches a prison to visit (or attempt to free) Multi-Paul.  The Chinese crime lord Mister Liu produces a tangible soul dragon who fights Invincible and frees Multi-Paul.

I#53:  After the ever-present fight that occurs in every issue, Titan declares war on the crime syndicate; Invincible declares his contentment with Atom Eve, and Oliver agrees to abide by his brother’s values regarding life, but this concession results in a grimace on Oliver’s face for that final panel.  Readers, you figure out how this final panel should be read. 

L-FL:  And dear readers, before you begin wrangling with the ambiguity of this closing image, here is yet another superhero definition: an extraordinary being whose life is divide into extraordinary conflicting social categories (protector, son, brother, boyfriend, friend, guardian, combatant, ethicist to name some of Mark Grayson’s social roles) and whose decisions regarding these categories effect not only their social circle, but the entire planet and distant stellar civilizations.

I#53: That’s an apt definition.  So, now that we’re done here, look closer and I’ll tell you more about the secret camera hidden in the leaves outside of Mark Grayson’s house so that Angstrom Levy can observe his nemesis.  C’mere. 

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