Friday, July 11, 2014

100+ Definitions 48

Invincible #48

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  The issue begins with a scene of Mark (the alter-ego of the superhero Invincible), William and Rick (college buddies) walking and talking after an evening of bowling.  Rick, having a rough time adapting to his new cyborg body, leaves his friend stranded in the parking lot. 

Invincible #48 (I#48):  A scene shift moves readers to the jailed supervillain Doc Seismic ranting about a comeback equivalent to the Rolling Stones embarking on a Milky Way spanning rock and roll tour.   

L-FL: Another scene shift shows the superheroes of the Image universe getting attacked in their headquarters.  Cecil summons Invincible and Atom-Eve from Africa to dig three miles beneath the surface.  There they find every hero in the Invincible universe trapped in bubbles by Doc Seismic.  Invincible and Atom-Eve are defeated by Doc Seismic and the monsters under his control defeat Invincible and Atom-Eve.

I#48: So, is there a superhero definition upon my pages?

L_FL: By taking Doc Seismic’s attacks from underground as metaphorical, superheroes, despite individual strengths, remain particularly vulnerable to attacks from below. 

I#48: I win!

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