Monday, July 7, 2014

100+ Definitions 37

Invincible #37

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): A trinity of plots braid the pages of this issue together. 

Invincible #37 (I#37): The issue opens with Monster Girl and Robot in their child alter-egos talking their way past a movie ticket seller so they can watch an R-rated movie on their date.

L-FL: A second story arc involves Invincible battling the reanimen of D.A Sinclair to rescue his college friends Matthew and Rick.  Invincible triumphs, and in a fit of anger at the tragedy wrought by D.A. Sinclair, punches and breaks the lower jaw of this supervillain. Issue thirty-seven concludes with this plot line.  Cecil of the Pentagon approaches D.A. Sinclair, complements his work on creating the reanimen, and offers a place at the Pentagon.

I#37: The final plot that twists around the other two involves Mark Grayson arguing with his girlfriend Amber over the consequences of dating a superhero (mainly the absences and using windows instead of doors to enter dorm rooms).

L-FL: So what unique aspect of superheroes does this issue reveal?

I#37: Strong emotions sometimes push a hero to more forceful action, but a superhero would never knowingly collaborate with supervillain.

L-FL: Such actions however present no problems for the ethical swamp of Cecil at the Pentagon. 

I#37: Ethics that allow the same Pentagon worker to say to reanimen creator and supervillain D.A. Sinclair “The United States Government would like to offer you a job.”

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