Thursday, July 10, 2014

100+ Definitions 43

Invincible #43

The Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  The forty-third issue of the Image title Invincible begins only moments after the conclusion of issue #42.

Invincible #43 (I#43):  Mark and Oliver’s mother brings sandwiches and juice (or tea or Kool-Aid) to discover that Oliver has developed superpowers.

L-FL: While eating the sandwiches (the drink looks to be grape Kool-Aid) Debbie, Mark’s mother, talks about how Oliver is too young to use his powers and that Mark is not quitting school.

I#43: Allen the Alien flies back into Earth’s space and is met and attacked by a very angry and grieving Immortal.  Invincible makes peace between the two.  Invincible (with Allen the Alien) flies back to his dorm room to talk about battling the Viltrumite Empire. The Immortal informs Cecil that he will permanently quit the Guardians of the Globe. 

L-FL: Mark refuses to leave Earth to meet with the Coalition of Planets as requested by Allen the Alien, but he does share the early sci-fi books his father wrote as a way of detecting the weaknesses of the Viltrumites.  The issue concludes with Mark working on his calculus homework and Atom-Eve bursting into the room demanding to know if she and Mark are dating.   

I#43: All of which gives a unique understanding of the idea of superhero.  In this case that idea would be that a superhero is one that maintains control over her or his powers making sure their superior abilities do not harm themselves and can be activated and controlled so that no others are unduly injured from the functioning of the powers. This mastery of abilities is a trait that stretches back to the Fantastic Four and Superman.  Are we dating or what?

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