Tuesday, August 26, 2014

100+ Definitions 99

Invincible # 99

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): Splash pages waft about in the 100-minus-one installment of the chronicles of Invincible’s super heroics.

Invincible #99 (I#99): Amidst the flooding of coastal cities, Mark Grayson spends a plethora of full-page panels punching and pushing Dinosaurus through walls and buildings while philosophizing.

L-FL: Dinosaurus, the long-view holding eco-terrorist, happily returns what he receives from Mark.

I#99: A coordinated effort from the world’s superheroes works at saving citizens from flooding.  The final contingent of Viltrumites is encouraged not to interfere in this current catastrophe befalling the planet.
So Lafel, why don’t you spin some heroic definition from the events in this issue?

L-FL: The grandiose contest between Invincible and Dinosaurus stretches beyond panels to full pages, two full pages in some cases, to depict a single image.  So, superheroes debate philosophies with gargantuan fight scenes instead of tweedy twaddle at tables.

I#99: Well then, let’s philosophize…it’s time for you to DIE!

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