Thursday, August 14, 2014

100+ Definitions 84

Invincible #84

Invincible #84 (I#84): So, a clichéd maxim claims that in fighting monsters, one becomes a monster, and this story has Invincible modify this idea by actively allying himself with a monster.

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): After learning of a solar array able to create massive amounts of clean energy and the employment resulting in building and maintaining the array atop the destruction of Las Vegas, just as Dinosaurus predicted, Invincible decides to free the eco-minded dinosaur and join forces with this villain to improve the world.  In this issue Mark equates the Good with cheap abundant energy and jobs.

I#84:  Consequences from these actions leads the Global Defense Agency to stand on alert and declare Invincible a fugitive.  Samantha Wilkins, Atom Eve (Invincible’s girlfriend), remains largely ignorant of her lover’s plans, but supports the theory, at least in theory.

L-FL: The 84th attempt to explore the range of denotation in “superhero” is that a limited and unexamined understanding of good and improving the world swiftly transforms the champion into tyrant.

I#84: Yeah.  Let’s save the world.

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