Sunday, August 10, 2014

100+ Definitions 78

Invincible #78

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): A Vacation to Disney World doesn’t serve as the aftermath story to the Viltrumite War, but a quite visit to an estranged wife and a girlfriend. 

Invincible #78 (I#78): You make this issue sound so dull, like nothing really happened, when in fact asymptotic relationships become continuous again.  Broken connections mend, feelings kept jailed in the unconscious to allow better focus on more pressing tasks (like saving hundreds of planet from hostile alien control) than sitting on a couch talking. It is for the events in this issue that justify and empower the heroes to stand against the Viltrumites.

L-FL: That sounds like a fine concept on which to base this installment’s definition of “superhero” as a being that possesses and tends relations with a significant other.

I#78: Whatever you do, make certain that I do not die in vain.

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