Saturday, August 2, 2014

100+ Definitions 68

Invincible #68

Low Frequency Listener (L-FL):  Issue #68 of Invincible feels like a catch-up issue, where writer Robert Kirkman revisits the multiple plot lines left unresolved from previous issues.

Invincible #68 (I#68):  Suspense is maintained through glimpses of an escaped Conquest, the advent of the Sequid invasion of Earth, negotiations with Invincible’s prison protection, and Samantha Wilkins obtaining a positive reading from her home-pregnancy test.  These events follow the fight between Invincible and a sentient T-Rex and Mark Grayson enduring a dinner (and after-dinner conversation) with Samantha’s parents.

L-FL:  These events in this issue provide a superhero definition of a being able to endure the dating and reproductive morals of her or his society.

I#68: Sorry, that’s the extent of the information we have for you; we won’t bother you further.

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