Friday, August 15, 2014

100+ Definitions 85

Invincible #85

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): Invincible writer Robert Kirkman holds the readers in suspense regarding the secret between Robot and Monster Girl and the consequences of Invincible’s alliance with Dinosaurus by shifting the focus to Omni-Man and his wife Debbie and their time on Talescria.

Invincible #85 (I#85): On Talescria, Oliver, his convalescence complete, attempts superheroics against a bank robber, but the attempt fails, and the thief is neutralized by the local police force, which is far better equipped to deal with supervillains than even Oliver.

L-FL:  After a joyous family reunion with Nolan, Debbie, and Oliver, Omni-Man (Nolan) meets with Allen the Alien.

I#85: Nolan explains to Allen that the remaining Viltrumites are on Earth as a safe haven with Nolan’s blessing.  Allen the Alien is angered by this arrangement and informs Nolan that he intends to release a stronger version of the Scourge Virus on Earth to wipeout the Viltrumites, which in turn could eradicate the human race.  A fight erupts between the two friends.

L-FL:  Superheroics are defined in this issue by Nolan’s reaction to Allen the Alien.  A superhero protects the helpless and the weak against those more powerful, even if the person is a friend and the threat dwells in a subjunctive verb tense.

I#85: I know that too.  Ready?

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