Sunday, August 3, 2014

100+ Definitions 69

Invincible #69

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  Issue 69 advances “individuals who deliberately accept, with no hesitation and total willingness, physical punishment intended for others” as a definition for “superhero.”

Invincible #69 (I#69): Huh.  That may not be the best definition to scour from my pages, certainly it’s not the definition I would choose, but I suppose it will suffice.  The plot of this story involves an alien invader of a nuclear power plant who seeks energy for her planet.  A fight erupts between Atom Even, Invincible and this alien named Universa.

L-FL: The fight includes a panel where Atom Eve’s powers fail her and Invincible flies into the path of an energy burst from Universa’s staff.

I#69: The event even earns Universa expressing admiration with her admission “To see one love another enough to sacrifice themselves touches me…more than you could ever know.”

L-FL: That sentiment, especially when it’s followed with intent to murder, seems all too easy.

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