Sunday, June 8, 2014

100+ Definitions 8

Invincible #8

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): Clinical psychologist Robin Rosenberg  joins us today via her list for the typology of supervillains in “Sorting Out Villainy: A Typology of Villains and Their Effects on Superheroes.”  Rosenberg classifies the types of villains as:

The Straightforward Criminal
The Vengeful Villain
The Heroic Villain
The Sadistic Supervillain

Facing different villains, Rosenberg asserts, “reveals a different aspect of the superhero.  In doing so, each aspect that comes to the fore provides an added dimension to the definition of the superhero.”

Invincible #8 (I#8):  In my story, Invincible encounters a heroic villain, but the story begins as Mark comforts the superhero Eve after her boyfriend cheats on her. Mark and his father go to the funeral for the Guardians of the Globe. A supervillian attacks the funeral and two groups return to the graveyard to try to achieve immortality by disinterring the body of the Immortal.

The “added dimension to the definition of the superhero” caused by a sadistic supervillain is that even heroes must deal with death. A panel depicting a superhero woman holding her daughter’s hand reinforces the idea that superheroes are still humans in confronting mortality, if super humans.

L-FL: Indeed.

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