Thursday, June 5, 2014

100+ Definitions 5

Invincible #5

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL):  In Invincible #5 Mark Grayson receives a message from his father asking him to defeat an alien who threatened Earth in the past.  After talking to the alien, Mark learns the alien is friendly but on the wrong route for his inter-stellar patrol.

Invincible #5 (I#5):  My events distill to a superhero definition of:  A creature that transcends the earth and can view the world in its entirety.

Clare Pitkethly, an academic in comparative literature, culture, and communication, defines “superhero” in her essay “Straddling a Boundary: The Superhero and the Incorporation of Difference” as “The superhero is, in simple terms, different—in some way other—fighting for a world that is not quite his own.  Walking the line between two different worlds, the superhero is a go-between, with one foot on either side.  In this way, the superhero straddles the boundary of a duality or an opposition ad is simultaneously on one side and the other, incorporating both opposing sides.  The superhero is split and is characterized by the tension of this contradiction: He or she is in some way paradoxical, and doesn’t quite fit in.”

“*Sigh*” Issue six will be here tomorrow. 

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