Monday, June 16, 2014

100+ Definitions 16

Invincible #16

Low-Frequency Listener (L-FL): On this Bloomsday, characters from the superhero comicbook Invincible wander around their home town thinking about matters more cosmic than the sights and sounds of Dublin.

Invincible #16 (I#16): It’s true.  The story begins with Invincible and Omni-Man of another dimension subjugating Earth, and a character Angstrom Levy is rescued by Angstrom Levy from a different dimension.  Parallel to this story is an alien invasion of our Earth’s dimension that ends for no discernible reason.  The Guardians of the Globe are chastised for their poor performance in protecting the planet, and Robot is relieved of its leadership role. 

L-FL: Don’t forget the part where Mark and Amber talk about spending time together amidst the ruin of their town, or the part when Invincible confronts Titan (a rock skinned superbeing in the process of looting a jewelry store) and persuades him to aid in cleaning up the town rather than steal.

I#16: All of which brings about the definition of “superhero” as a being with who influences others to help the larger populace rather than act selfishly.

L-FL: To better elucidate an understanding of “superhero,” this sentences from chapter 17 (Ithaca) of Ulysses fits well in describing the plots of superhero books.  So, a superhero could be “…the traditional accent of the ecstasy of catastrophe” (line 786).

I#16: Well, that sounds good to me.  Tomorrow, Issue 17 will say hello to everyone.

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